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Interconnected Technologies, LLC

About: Interconnected Technologies, LLC
Interconnected Technologies, LLC, doing business as iNTek, is an independent consulting services organization providing information technology (IT) support and services to the greater New York City area.  INTek began its operations in 2013 initially serving small to mid-sized enterprise clients in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.  Activities in New York are focused on expanding service offerings to include personal and in-home consulting services in addition to business consulting services.

Located in the Hell’s Kitchen area of midtown Manhattan ensures that an iNTek consultant is never too far away to service your business and personal IT needs promptly.



Ray Folik | Managing Member
Taking his career to the next level, Ray Folik formed an independent consulting services organization offering hourly technical support and 24/7 systems and network administration.  Independent, reliant and well versed in network administration with 20+ years of experience in multiple environments Ray continues to serve as an on-call consultant for multiple clients.