Business Services

Onsite Computer Support

Interconnected Technologies, LLC

Retained Services

Ensures guaranteed response to request for service within an agreed upon timeframe, typically not to exceed 4 hours.  Retained services are billed at a monthly base rate and include negotiated hours of service per month, including time and travel.  Services exceeding agreed upon levels and hours are billed at a discounted rate.  Retained clients receive priority emergency service response times.  Unused hours can be banked for future project work.

Retained services could include systems and network maintenance such as software upgrades, routine file server back-ups, and optimizing system performance.


Conduct due diligence to understand the needs of the client and their long-term IT strategy.  Researching a solution that balances the client’s needs, timeline and budget, quotes from multiple vendors will be presented.  Utilizing established relationships with various product vendors allows for savings on equipment costs to be passed on to the client.  Sourcing services are billed at an hourly rate to be estimated at time of services agreement.

Deployment/ Rollout

Whether a small business or an enterprise network, effective equipment deployment and/or a software rollout is critical to the success of your business.  Through strategic planning and pre-deployment preparations, minimal disruption of business operations can be ensured. Deployment/ rollout steps may include: sourcing equipment or software, adding/building network infrastructure, software installation, cabling, desktop installation and network testing.  Deployment services are billed on a per project basis using estimated hours for each agreed stage of the deployment/ rollout to be provided.  This allows the client to tailor the solution to their budget and needs.

Equipment Repair and Upgrade

It’s a known fact that electronic components fail upon occasion.  This does not have to translate into replacing the defective equipment with new.  Sometimes replacing a failed hard drive, cracked screen, sticky keyboard or expanding the RAM will restore the device to proper working order.  Repair and Upgrade services require an initial equipment assessment fee to troubleshoot the problem and identify the proposed solution.  Once identified, a quote inclusive to cost of technician’s time, parts and travel will be provided.  Approved repairs and upgrades will be guaranteed for 90 days.

System Security

Smart business owners know the value of protecting their networks, their own data and that of their clients.  Firewall equipment and applications are a wise investment for any organization.  Implementation of an IT security solution will require a review of current processes and procedures before a recommendation can be made.  A security review will be conducted at no cost, should you choose to implement a recommended security protocol.  Installation of System Security measures will be charged on a project and equipment (if required) basis.  System Security reviews not resulting in recommended changes will be charged at the standard hourly rate for time spent, plus travel.

Data Recovery

Oftentimes failed hard drives can be recovered, at least in part.  Data recovery services are billed on a per unit basis, and vary by size and complexity of the equipment to be recovered.  Recovered data will be required to be uploaded to a new hard drive under manufacturer’s warranty.

Virus Recovery

The global environment in which business is conducted requires extreme caution and effective use of anti-virus software.  Even then you are not guaranteed safe passage.  When a virus strikes a single computer it puts the entire network at risk.  Virus Recovery services are provided at an hourly rate for single equipment units or on a project basis for larger networked recoveries.

24/7 Emergency Services

Client to receive initial response and estimated quote for anticipated services required within 2 hours.  Initial contact will estimate time to recovery based on known parameters only. Sourcing services are not provided as an emergency service.  Services provided during overnight hours from 10:00 p.m. through 6:00 a.m. are charged at a 25% premium.